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BM Soft Solutions

Designing Digital Transformation Roadmap for Business Organizations Across The Globe.

BM Soft Solutions was developed in 2017 as a dream to provide the corporate world with innovative and complete solutions for their needs. Over the year BM Soft has gained a remarkable reputation not only for its unique approach to developing solution and timely delivery of the same, but also for providing total customer satisfaction. We work in a well-disciplined environment to ensure timeliness, efficiency in delivering the product with high quality standards currently evolving in industries.

We are specialized in Web Development, E-Publishing and Software Development that possess versatile skills which covers a wide range of design and solution. We have emerged as a strong forerunner in the areas of Web Designing, using the latest tools through which we will work with you every step of the way to create the web design that's right for you.

In E-Publishing, our extensive corporate experience has given us an intimate appreciation of the need for fast, reliable and high-quality services at competitive rates. BM Soft Solutions is located in the central town of Pondicherry. Our services includes Online/Offline Data Entry, Image Data Entry, XML Conversion, E-Pub Conversion, Web Development and Software Development.

We have carved a niche for ourselves both in terms of quality reproduction and meet time deadlines in the area of high-quality designing and software development.

BM Soft Solutions is committed to achieve total customer satisfaction by providing services in the areas of content digitization through quality, timely delivery, effective services and continual improvement

Mission, Vission & Values

Our four pillars are: our experience and history, being customer and market oriented, being systematically innovative, and quality


We are all about delivering awesomeness in every way, from delivering amazing customer experience in E-publishing to awesome customer needs at affordable prices. We take your business to the next level by offering the full range of services to give you the break through you need in your business.

We have empowered our E-publishing service to reach more customers digitally and foster rapid growth. Our goal is to bring our clients to another level. We treat our clients not just as customers, but more as business partners, where we have a vested interest in giving you our best effort to ensure your success.

Our awesome culture and mindset in E-publishing attracts some of the most extraordinary applicants from around the world! We know Awesome players love to work and attract Awesome people. We make sure that we bring on board, only the best talents, people who are extremely driven and positive with a compelling purpose of serving in our company.




Our vision is to bring up the quality to the peak with the skills and knowledge we have in the field of E-publishing. We commit the designs that command attention, achieved only with un-exhaustive stamina present in the pursuit of excellence. Your time, your money, and your company are important to us. We won't waste any of it by attempting to give you services and features that you don't need. We always keep moving forward to bring the best result to our clients.

With our E-publishing products, our client will enjoy consistent quality and services to maintain various types of E-publishing and website-oriented works. We also commit to give our client the best quality work place and comprehensive services. We never compromise the quality by focusing on wider range of complicated resources, because it is about the work executed with different programs in different outputs.




Anyone can publish E-books or digital magazines, but it takes someone who has the real ability and talent to make it effective that drives the results. Driven by a passion for delivering awesomeness, we have developed our own top secret proprietary methodologies, formulated to achieve results like never before.

For instance, our own proprietary design methodology has been proven to increase leads and sales for our clients. We understand that everyone is an individual with a unique super power.

We do not believe in changing you into someone else. We embrace your dynamism and make sure you get to work with other awesome super heroes to unleash each other's ability and along the way, create new super powers as well Every day we are like super heroes eagerly waiting to zoom to the next challenge.




eBook Conversion

Our eBook conversion team ensures to produce quality eBooks that are readable in all platforms.

XML Conversion

XML conversion is performed for books, journals, manuals, digital content, magazines, manuscripts, and other unstructured documents.


We ensure to make all your documents accessible to everyone despite of disability. eReading applications ensure accessibility by factors like semantics, Text-to-speech.


Complete control on each & every element that provides endless customization possibilities.


Get your content Polished for Publications by checking for mistakes, repetition, inconsistency

Proof Reading

Compare the edited copy with the proof before print to ensure quality content.

Software Developement

Offshore Software Developement & Consulting and SaaS Developement using innovative technologies.

App Developement

Mobile app development services with innovative and cutting-edge technologies

Web Development

Web development services with advanced development techologies.

Director, Business Development: A. Balamurali

Project Manager: S. Suria

Technical Consultant: Dr. Terrance Frederick Fernandez

We are

In BMSS, our team aim to create the most awesome workplace and culture in the world. So, buckle up your seatbelt and welcome aboard BMSS, because your life will never-ever be the same again.

We do not believe in giving you a great job, instead we believe in giving you an awesome journey. Work, we believe should be fun, and make you so excited to get out of bed! We believe that when it's an awesome experience, it will be your life and it's no longer just work. You should get paid to be who you truly are and bring out the best in you to learn and grow together with every other awesome individual here.

Our team handles more projects under our standardized process and from wealth of experience, we are quite happy to have learned how to make a project the best it can be, and run as smooth as possible. In our work, we believe in learning, never stopping still. DEDICATION - KNOWLEDGE - EXPERIENCE


We are an innovative and a highly standard company in Pondicherry. We provide E-publishing service, build creative design and develop websites for all types of business and individuals; and all types of websites - business websites, portfolio sites, ecommerce sites, blogs, membership sites, single page sites etc.

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  • “Great work. We really like to work in the near future with BM in a complete project.”

  • “Great job done! Very Professional, responsive and experienced and I will definitely recommend them to hire”

  • “Great work, great communication and quick turnaround. I keep coming back to this team because nothing is ever a problem for them.”

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